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Standard Accounting Services Ltd. is a company which provides accounting services,
tax advisory and financial consulting.

The innovative approaches to our customers have enabled us to become the leading
accounting company in this area in a short amount of time.

When you become our client, you get a complete team that takes care of your business books, financially reviews your business, advises on how to improve your work and reduce costs.

Our portfolio of clients currently covers over 400m EUR of various projects, financial transactions, and activities of small and medium-sized companies throughout our country.

The ideas with which we support the work of our clients are different - we find sustainable solutions and high quality accounting and financial solutions that create long-term solutions and create a new value for our clients, the environment we live in and for our company.

We are currently working for clients who have their activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in 20 different countries around the world. Our staff is fluent in various foreign languages, we have a team of tax specialists, bookkeeping experts as well as law and banking experts.

In cooperation with the partnering financial companies, specifically with First Capital MKF, we provide clients with ongoing liquidity financing and payment of all current needs.

Our slogan is simple and shows just how much we care about you:

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